All indicators are confirming, our state is in rapid decline both socially, morally and culturally. We as Etiquette Mavens and social educators, believe our society is moving further away from its core values that are rooted in our cultural and historical heritage as a nation and as a state.

It is because of our state-of-affairs that we feel a great need to utilize our knowledge of social behavior and moral character values to reacquaint and reassert our core values to counter the social-incivility-crises we find ourselves in today. Additionally, we are motivated to raise our profile because we believe we have some very important answers to how to significantly reduce the ongoing antisocial behavior of young males who have been, and are being socialized to commit violent crimes across our cities and towns in Illinois.

We are prepared to educate the next generation of students (specifically males) at this very critical social/civil and ethical values crises we find ourselves in today. Comportment skills and values that have produced law-abiding citizens for more than three centuries is now, in jeopardy of a total meltdown into lawless violent predatorial conduct.

What is producing the youth lawlessness we are witnessing here in the state? Several factors including single parent households, social dysfunctional behavior, with over-whelming data confirming a significant decline in values taught in the home, or in the larger society. Violence is illustrated in video games i.e. Mortal Kombat, Hollywood and T.V. and, crime dramas, etc. We are now witnessing the third generations of deemphasizing social and character values in the home, the school and in our society as a whole. Consequently, the benefit of character and ethical values, consistent with our founding Fathers social and cultural objectives for the Nation are not being realized.

Essentially, we have an educational problem or a lack thereof. To be effective in teaching these life-long social values to our children and youth, we have compiled the collective knowledge of the great Etiquette Mavens on the subject. That was achieved by building a library of more than 200 etiquette books as our source of knowledge and curriculum development. In addition, we have more than 25 years of teaching thousands of public and private school students from every socioeconomic background and at every grade-level in Chicago and suburban private, public schools and colleges, including Preparatory Charter schools in the Chicago and Cook County suburban communities. We are occultly aware of the social and moral transformational potentials by adding Etiquette to the curriculum of schools. We know how to significantly improve classroom behavior, and grades as a result of student’s discipline and classroom social behavioral problems.

We are especially trained to address behavioral issues at every level but especially in low-income inner-city, public and charter schools where students are lacking the ability and motivation to adhere to basic rules of their school and especially, rules governing classroom behavior.  A great deal of the behavior problems are rooted in their lack of home training and the socialization due to their parents lack of parental ability to train their children in the basic social rules so necessary to receive a quality education to become productive and law-abiding members of the community.

To remedy parental social dysfunctional behavior issues, we have developed a semester-long Etiquette Training Program for parents. Teaching parents how to raise their children to have good manners and be respectful students in the school and classroom, is an added-plus in fulfilling our overall objectives of leaving “No child left behind” by producing students whose core values are respect, compassion and empathy. These values will make it near impossible for that individual to take the life of another human being. His or her ethical and moral values will not allow him or her to commit such an atrocity.
Lisa Newman, Executive Director

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