Raising the Standard of Civility and Good Manners Across the State of Illinois. We as citizens of the great State of Illinois, feel it to be imperative to reunite around our most basic social and cultural inheritance and therein, rediscover our most important civic and civil values. We believe they are the foundation of our collective values that represent thousands of years of human interrelationship development that made it possible to create civilization (civilized behavior).

Civility is the way we acknowledge one another as a member of one social family. And as members of the human family, behaving as civilized human beings, based on a common set of social rules and values that say whenever we encounter one another, we smile and often speak to each other. It may be simply making eye contact, a smile and a nod of the head that makes us civil. It may be a smile and a verbal hello or hi, as we pass one another. Recognizing one another is the foundation of our collective values as members of the human race, and as members of the English-speaking people of the world.

Our vision is to reacquaint our citizenry with what a great asset we have that is readily available to us; but, in our opinion, is not being used sufficiently to accomplish its civilizing objectives. Another dimension of our vision is encouraging and advocating a sense of social purpose as one family, one community and one citizenship of collective civil awareness, and of our civic and humanitarian obligation to one another.

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