Introducing the Polite State Campaign to Government Agencies, Religious Organizations and our Corporate Partners. 

Etiquette-Centered-Mentorship, Employing the Values of Etiquette to Mentoring.

We at The Etiquette Foundation of Illinois are big advocates of Mentoring. Our reasoning is very simple, it takes a “Village to Raise a Child.” It’s particularly critical here in the state of Illinois as it regards “single parent” households. Males are especially vulnerable in this transitional stage of their social and moral development. Nearly100% of our criminal population, are products of a Father-less upbringing, and a need forMentors are critical. However, we at The Etiquette Foundation would like to offer current Mentors and inspiring Mentors to utilize our 20-plus years of mentoring with a focus on advancing etiquette values within our mentorship training and advocacy. In an effort to advance this addition to mentoring, we have developed a Mentorship Training Program for all those who are current mentors and for those who are considering mentoring a child and want to learn the “do’s and don’ts” plus, how to educate your Mentees on the importance of having good social skills and ethical values in becoming a responsible law abetting citizens, is the goal of successful Mentoring. Interested in participating, simply email us your interest in this very important dimension of Etiquette Centered Mentoring.  B) Why Etiquette Values will improve the Quality-of-Life,as well as the Economy here in the State of Illinois?   First, there is a serious decline in the population of Illinois. Citizens are expressing their dissatisfaction with the social quality of life and the economic decline in the state by relocating to another state. Crime is their number one complaint and the deterioration in social values and ill-mannered, disrespectful treatment by other citizens utilizing the public walk-ways and public transportation. Rudeness and inconsiderate behavior are common, adding to the frustration of everyday life,especially in the city of Chicago. We have developed two solution to big-city commuting. First is  Sidewalk Etiquette,Commute Etiquette for Public Transportation, and lastly Road Civility – commuting by private motor-vehicles to transport yourself in a safe manner on our roadways in the state. Etiquette values are applicable in 99% percent of all public situations and this is why we have produced Etiquette Programs designed to improve the quality of Life in the State of Illinois.  C)Introducing The “Polite” State” Campaign in Illinois will require, “multi-level-marketing” over a period of several years that may include a “referendum” to receive official acceptance in the state. At this point, we do not believe it will require that level of governmental support for the greater majority of Illinois citizens and businesses to realize the social benefit of rebranding the state as such. To kick-start our “Illinois, the“polite” State Campaign, will involve a letter writing and email campaign toChurches, Businesses Schools, Social Clubs (Loins, Elks Lodges and RotaryClubs) et., etc. Because the state of Illinois has such an overall Social Crime and Business Employment “negative” that an Image Change will be gladly accepted

“Every branch of knowledge, bears the of human progress.”

Nathan Wright,  Etiquette Ambassador At-Large

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