The Etiquette Foundation of Illinois has embraced our mission.

First, to represent our social and cultural heritage in the highest manner befitting its long historical role and place in western civilization and in our society, here in the state of Illinois.

Secondly, to advocate for the teaching of manners (i.e., character values, learning to be polite, courteous and respectful toward one another as fellow citizens) and morals (i.e., as it relates to compassion, empathy and concern for and about the well-being of your fellow citizen). Teaching and advocating character values that represent the highest quality of integrity as defined by the English-speaking people of the Western world that we believe to be worthy of passing on to the next generation.

Thirdly, to share our 20-plus years of knowledge and expertise on the subject of etiquette and civility along with our Elementary, high school and college business etiquette programs with students residing in the state of Illinois. We are also looking forward to sharing our information with newly established Chapters of the Etiquette Foundation of Illinois. Therein, our goal is to establish chapters in the 50 largest cities and towns in the state of Illinois. This will be a 5-year campaign initiative, we believe worthy of undertaking, to allow the citizens of these cities and towns to organize and carry on the work of the Foundation in their respective communities throughout the state of Illinois.

Lastly, we are acutely aware of the impact poor manners and disrespect for one another is having on poor disadvantaged communities across the state of Illinois; especially among fatherless males residing in those communities. They make up the highest percentage of inmates currently serving time in Illinois State prisons. We believe these fatherless males also make up the primary core of gangs and gang violence. Therefore, we believe educating poor, disadvantaged, improvised males in a manners and moral values protocol at an early age, will help shape their character. Therefore, we believe, this will reduce the crime and homicide rate across the state of Illinois.

Finally, the Etiquette Foundation of Illinois, will make an extra effort to encourage Public Elementary schools located in improvised communities to incorporate our Etiquette and Character Education programs in the first through sixth grades. This will help to form their character and values as they mature into adulthood. The outcome will ultimately help in reducing crime and violence; especially homicides and other uncivilized criminal behavior.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage, we appreciate your input and support.

Five Point Mission

“We are judged first and foremost by our behavior, what comes after Every branch of knowledge, bears the bittersweet fruit is considered in accordance to circumstance and protocol.”

Lisa Newman, Executive Director 

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