What is Etiquette-Centered-Mentoring?

The Value of Etiquette-Centered-Mentoring

When you hear on the News a child has been shot to death and you see the Mother sobbing crying out, Oh God, why my son. Do you feel any sympathy for her? Do you wish there was something you could do, to maybe get involved in the life of a male child so that he will not take another child’s life? Yes, we have to get involved in our male children lives to sway them away from such conduct. If we are tired of the crime, violence and deaths we are witnessing each and every day and muttering how awful it is, then stop feeling sorry for the victim and their grieving family and find a boy or young man to befriend and share your vast wisdom with him. Help him understand the value of living an honorable life and help him figure out what he needs to avoid to achieve his goals in life. Help him understand the trapes and pitfalls out in the streets waiting for him to make a misstep and end up dead or in prison.

He will see the value in what you are teaching him and listen and learn from you. Is this a way to save a life? The life of your Mentee and perhaps the life that your Mentee may have taken if you did not intercede? So, consider what you are doing is saving two lives and just maybe, three or four lives.

Become a model for your friends and associates who only want to watch sports or meet at the local tavern to talk and drink and that’s the sum of their lives. See if you can get them to join with you and Mentor one of the boys hanging out on the corner. Just maybe, more will take up the cause and you will soon see the deaths and crying Mothers on T.V., vanish from the nightly News!!

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