The Etiquette Foundation of Illinois has an invaluable role to play in the larger community where “traditional values” are considered to be out of vogue with popular culture, and fundamentally in conflict with accepted norms of civil discourse. It is this view of traditional values that we see as opportunity to promote the kind of social values that encourages a kinder and more considerate discourse among the citizenry of our State. In addition, we see opportunity to help the State recast itself as the “Polite State” where courtesy, good manners and old-fashioned hospitality are once again, important components of our value system. To achieve this vision, we want to encourage every willing citizen to become an “Etiquette Ambassador At-Large” in furtherance of our public service initiative towards creating a more civil society. What are the benefits for the State? One direct and most obvious benefit would be in the growth of tourism, and tourist dollars spent here in the State of Illinois. Creating a more hospitable populace benefits both citizen and visitor.


We believe an act of courtesy in general, and knowledge of etiquette in particular, can be powerful forces in the public domain. Social perception and expectations are driven by preconceived assumptions concerning what constitutes social tranquility for a community and even for a State. The role each of us can play in adhering to the rules of civilized behavior adds immensely to the general welfare and to a more harmonious and caring society. The Etiquette Foundation of Illinois is, in our opinion, the ideal entity to achieve great things for Illinoisans and for Illinois.

Peter Buckley

Chairman of the Board

The Etiquette Foundation of Illinois