The mission of the Etiquette Foundation of Illinois is to promote, advocate and encourage greater civil discourse here in the State of Illinois. The Foundation is also committed to leaving no child behind, especially where it concerns their social education, i.e., their etiquette training. We are acutely aware of the state of our children’s social education (regardless of their social or economic status) and the monumental challenges that lie ahead in addressing this educational and societal issue. We are looking forward to working with concerned citizens, public officials as well as those in the business community in an effort to build a broad based consensus concerning the issue of civility. Naturally, we are motivated by our observations and what we see is not very encouraging. Civilized behavior, as we know it, is in grave jeopardy.  We have therefore, taken it upon ourselves to sound the alarm—to alert our fellow citizens, as we continue the drift toward greater incivility and away from the basic rules of civil discourse.  It is for this reason that we find cause to address the social decline we are witnessing. What is at stake? We believe a value system that is fundamental to the noble ideals imbedded in our faith, in our regard for human decency, respect for others, and a belief that the future we create on behalf of our children, and on behalf of our fellow citizen should be better than the one we inherited.

Parent  - Teacher  - Community


The Etiquette Foundation of Illinois believes it is equally important and necessary to provide “etiquette re-enforcement training” for parents and teachers respectively. Both have a role to play in the social development of our children and therein, the age-old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child,” is a true but simple precept—rooted in the human spirit and in our commitment to improving the quality of life for future generations.  The role of educating our children is not just the responsibility of the teacher in the classroom, nor the parent(s) in the home but also the collective responsibility of every individual and institution in society. We all have a role to play in curbing the social degeneration that we are witnessing as a community, and as a state.  As we move towards a more technology-driven, globally integrated society, we cannot afford to write off a significant portion of our population if we are to maintain our leadership role in the world.